Disney Vinylmation Robots 4 Case Layout

Disney Vinylmation Robots 4 Sid Chaser Figure Toy Story

Ah, how things have changed! Disney Vinylmation Robots Series 1 was met with little fanfare, while the “mixed up” Vinylmation Robots 2 series was one of the most hated releases in Vinylmation history. But with last year’s Disney Vinylmation Robots 3 series, Disney finally seemed to have found something that works, making the Vinylmation Robots series one of their overall most fun and creative themes. And this month, they’re at it again with the villains-themed Vinylmation Robots Series 4, and we’ve got a case layout to help you pick the Robots you’re looking for…

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Vinylmation Jungle Book Series Case Layout

Vinylmation Jungle Book Series Blind Boxes Case Layout

It’s been a surprisingly quiet start to the year for Disney Vinylmation collectors, but it’s time to get out your wallets and prepare to accrue some debt again! Disney is going to be releasing one of the first big Vinylmation blind box series of the year this week: the Disney Vinylmation Jungle Book Series! Though the series won’t be released in the Disney Parks until 2/28, you can purchase the Jungle Book Vinylmation blind boxes through the online Disney Store starting today. But if you should happen to see a case that’s been put out early, we’ve got the first case layout for you right here…

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Disney Vinylmation Cutesters Snow Day Case Layout

Disney Vinylmation Cutesters Snow Day Case Layout

If ever there was a Disney Vinylmation set that made me feel like uncultured swine, it’s the Vinylmation Cutesters Series 6: Cutesters Snow Day series. See, I stared at the images of this series for a very long time before deciding that it contained a rabbit, a snow monster and a weird unicorn. As it turns out, those are actually a Sea Lion, a Snowflake and a Narwhal. But whatever they are, there’s no question that they are adorable! And thanks to the Cutesters Snow Day case layouts sent in to us, you can increase your odds of pulling exactly the creature you’re looking for!

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Vinylmation Huey Dewey & Louie LE Set Photos & Order Info!

Vinylmation Animation Series 4 Huey Dewey Louie Set

With Disney having thousands upon thousands of iconic characters, sometimes you’ve got to wait a little bit to get your favorites. For me, Duck Tales was a staple of my daily life as a kid, so Scrooge’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie were near the tippy-top of my list of most-wanted Disney Vinylmation figures. We got Vinylmation Wild West versions of the three young ducks last year, but that’s not really what I had in mind. But now up for sale on the online Disney Store–it’s the classic Disney Vinylmation Huey, Dewey and Louie LE Box Set!

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Disney Vinylmation Indiana Jones Case Layout

Vinylmation Indiana Jones Chaser Golden Idol Figure

Cue the John Williams music! The most epic series of Disney Vinylmation figures since Vinylmation Star Wars has arrived–Disney Vinylmation Indiana Jones! Based entirely off of the legendary first Indiana Jones film, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, Disney has recreated the seven most memorable and iconic characters (and one Golden Idol) in Vinylmation form. You’ll have to pull blind boxes if you want to draw your favorites, but thanks to some great readers, we already have several Vinylmation Indiana Jones case layouts to help you pull exactly the archaeologist (or evil guy or excavator) you’re looking for…

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Vinylmation Indiana Jones Series 1 Figures Released This Week!

Vinylmation Indiana Jones Series Case Tray

Ever since Disney released their first Vinylmation Star Wars series, rumors have been swirling around that Indiana Jones would be next to get the Disney Vinylmation treatement! Well, it’s taken a couple extra years, but I think it’s very appropriate that Disney is finally releasing Disney Vinylmation Indiana Jones Series 1, just one month after acquiring the rights to all future Indiana Jones movies! If you love “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or just awesome chasers, Indiana Jones Vinylmation Series 1 is definitely going to be a hit with you…

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Vinylmation Animation Series 4 Case Layout

Disney Vinylmation Animation Series 4 Figures Lineup

I got sidetracked this weekend by a little unexpected snowstorm, but I’m back on track today and ready to get down to some much-anticipated Vinylmation business!

This year’s Disney Vinylmation Animation Series 4 set finally launched last week, and thanks to a couple of kind readers, we have a pair of case layouts to help you pull that 3″ Vinylmation Wreck-It Ralph or Meeko and Flit figure that you’ve dreamed of…

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Vinylmation Animation 4 Series Released Today Online & In Stores!

Disney Vinylmation Animation Series 4 Case

What do Christmas and the Disney Vinylmation Animation series have in common? Both come but once a year–and coincidentally, both Christmas and Vinylmation Animation Series 4 are coming out this month! In fact, today is the long-awaited day that Disney Vinylmation Animation 4 is released in the parks and online! You can order blind-boxes or whole trays of Animation 4 from the online Disney Store starting tonight, so let’s take a look at the complete lineup of Disney Vinylmation Animation #4…

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Disney Funko Finding Nemo POP Vinyls Revealed & Photos!

Funko Finding Nemo Nemo POP Vinyls Figure

It’s been a quiet end of the year for Disney Funko POP Vinyl collectors, as there were zero Frozen POP Vinyls released and not a full new series of Funko Disney POP Vinyls since the summer. But Funko is ready to jump-start collectors’ excitement for the 2014 Disney Funko POP Vinyls lineup, as this week they released official photos of their first-ever figures for one of the most beloved modern Disney movies. Coming in February 2014, the Disney Pixar Funko POP Vinyls Finding Nemo figures series is now up for pre-order!

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Disney Vinylmation Park 13 Case Layout

Vinylmation Park Series 13 Chaser Blue Construction Figure

It was rumored for what seemed like ages, but when Disney Vinylmation Park Series 13 released this fall, the flagship Vinylmation Series finally switched to an eight-designs-per-series format! That might be for the best, though, as Disney also came up with some of the most obscure figures ever released in a Park series for this set. A lot of collectors will only want certain figures from Vinylmation Park Series 13, and this new Vinylmation Park 13 case layout may be just what you need to pull exactly the figures that you want!

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