Funko Wreck-It Ralph POP! Vinyls Figures Reissues Coming!

The Disney Funko Wreck-It Ralph POP! Vinyls figures released in late 2012 have grown to become some of the most rare and sought-after Disney POP! Vinyl figures ever released, with collectors getting into bidding wars and paying over $200 for a set of the four figures released. But if you were patient, you’re about to be rewarded for it! Funko has now announced they will be reissuing all four Wreck It Ralph POP! Vinyls figures (plus an all-new character in the series) this fall, and the reissued Funko Wreck It Ralph POP! Vinyl figure series is now up for pre-order for just $9.99 each!

Disney Funko Wreck-It Ralph POP! Vinyls Figure

No one was sure that last year’s Wreck-It Ralph movie was going to be a success. Not Disney, and certainly not the toy companies licensed to make toys for it. As such, the Disney Store only ordered a limited number of their exclusive Wreck-It Ralph Funko POP! Vinyl figures. As things turned out, the Wreck It Ralph movie was a blockbuster success and the POP! Vinyl Wreck-It Ralph figures exploded out of Disney Stores instantly. Unfortunately, Funko under-produced the set, leading to collectors paying as much as $250+ on ebay to get a complete set of all four Wreck-It Ralph POP! Vinyl figures.

Disney Funko Wreck-It Ralph POP Vinyls Figures Set Vanellope King Candy Fixit FelixFour figures were released in the original Funko Wreck It-Ralph POP! Vinyls series:

  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Vanellope von Schweetz
  • King Candy
  • Fix-It Felix Jr.

Due to the enormous amount of pent-up fan demand for Wreck-It Ralph toys and merchandise, Funko is going back into production with the series for this fall, and all four of these figures are scheduled to be reissued! In addition, Funko has announced one additional character will be added to the Wreck-It Ralph POP! Vinyls: Turbo!

Wreck it Ralph Turbo Turbotastic Screenshot The secret identity of the movie’s villain, King Candy, the evil Turbo drives in in Funko POP! Vinyl form! Can you say “TURBOTASTIC!”? No prototype photos of the Wreck-it Ralph Turbo POP! Vinyl Funko figure have been released yet, but I’ll update once they’re available.

All five of the Funko Wreck-It Ralph POP! Vinyls figures are now available for pre-order for $9.99 each, with an expected release date of November 2013. I missed out on this set when it was in Disney Stores and have regretted it ever since, so I’ve already placed my pre-order for this series.


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  1. When are these going to be in actual stores? I really want them but I can’t buy anything online. I also like to see what I’m buying.

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