Vinylmation Muppets 3 Announced: 10 Characters We Want in Series 3!

At the Mickey’s Circus event at EPCOT Center in Orlando, Florida this weekend, Disney made a lot of huge announcements regarding the future of the Disney Vinylmation line. One piece of news that really caught me off-guard, however, was that there would be a Muppets 3 series of Vinylmation figures! Given that the Muppets 2 series was released over a year and a half ago on 2011, I legitimately never expected Disney to do a continuation of the subset again. To my delight–I was wrong! Muppets 3 will be arriving in Spring 2013 and will contain the first 3″ Animal Muppet figure, completing the 3″ Electric Mayhem band! In addition, Muppets Vinylmation 3 will include Mahna Mahna, a Snowth, the Muppet Newsman, and Uncle Deadly. That’s 5 total characters revealed, so there’s at least 7 more to come (more if there are LE releases).

With at least 7 spots to fill in the blind-box assortment (and the possibility of some more awesome 9″ Muppets designs), I set out to create a list of the Top 10 Muppets I want to see in the 3rd set of Vinylmation Muppets! I wanted to create a healthy balance of characters from the original Muppet Show and Muppet movies, as well as more modern Muppets endeavors like Muppets Tonight and the 2011 film, “The Muppets”.

10. 80’s Robot: I almost left him off this list, but in the end I decided that 80’s Robot, who debuted in last year’s Muppets film, deserves a spot in this series. 80’s Robot is unique amongst the ranks of the Muppets, and has a great design and fun “personality”. As one of only two really marketable characters from the 2011 movie “The Muppets”, 80’s Robot is currently relevant and a top choc

9. Bobo the Bear: Bobo is hardly near and dear to my heart, but clearly someone at Disney likes him, as he’s had a huge amount of screentime since his debut in Muppets Tonight. A pivotal role in Muppets from Space and a semi-important one in The Muppets are probably Bobo’s crowning achievements, and he’s earned many a fan who want to see the Muppet bear who always seems to end up on the villainous side make a Vinylmation debut.

8. Uncle Deadly: (Editor’s Note: I wrote this list before Uncle Deadly was revealed for Muppets 3! He’s official in!) I had originally given this spot to the Muppets Newsman, but as I looked at my shelves of Palisades Toys Muppets figures, Uncle Deadly caught my eye and I knew he had to be on this list. Once a little-known background character, Uncle Deadly was a favorite monster of many for his appearances on The Muppet Show. He debuted in the Vincent Price episode, an all-time classic, and disappeared over the years until his reintroduction in the 2011 movie The Muppets, where he played a henchman for Tex Richman who saw the light and saved the day!

7. Johnny Fiama: I’m a huge fan of the short-lived Muppets tonight, and as such, some of my favorites are definitely getting spots on this list. One of them is the Frank Sinatra-like Italian singer, Johnny Fiama! Though he wasn’t an original Muppet, Johnny is a pretty eccentric individual who loves his Mama more than anything else. And of course, Johnny is necessary to pair with another Muppet I’ve included further down in this list…

6. 9″ Muppet Monsters — Thog, Doglion, and Big Mean Carl: Alright, I’m cheating here by including more than one character in this selection, and you can’t stop me! Thog and Doglion are two of the coolest looking monsters from the original Muppet Show, and can be seen in the opening song and dance of every episode. Meanwhile, Big Mean Carl debuted in Muppets Tonight and is famous for wearing rabbit ears and devouring rabbits on sight. No, really. It sounds insane, but he’s one of my most-loved Muppets that absolutely no merchandise exists for. I would consider all of these Muppet Monsters deserving of large 9″ Vinylmations to tower over the little guys!

5. Crazy Harry: The pyrotechnic expert, Crazy Harry is obsessed with blowing stuff up! Famous for his explosive antics in the Muppet Show opening and closing, many collectors are rabid for a Vinylmation Crazy Harry. we haven’t seen Crazy Harry many times in the last decade, which has to do with Disney’s post-9/11 sensitivity. That’s probably why we haven’t seen Crazy Harry show up yet in the Vinylmation line, but as one of the most-demanded original characters, I’m hoping he’ll explode onto the Vinylmation 2013 scene!

4. Walter: To be frank, I was not the biggest fan of Walter in the feature-film Muppets revival last year. That said, he’s the main character of that movie and an absolute must-have, big-name character that belongs in this assortment. Walter chose to be a Muppet and not a man, and for his wise decision, he deserves a Muppet toy all his own. Walter may not be good for a whole lot other than whistling, but at the very least he’ll move some blind-boxes at retail!

3. Sal Minella: Some people will balk at this selection and I don’t care. Sal Manilla debuted in Muppets Tonight and the Muppet monkey instantly won my heart with his fun personality and devotion to Johnny Fiama. Sal had a breakout role in Muppet Wizard of Oz as the lead Flying Monkey (the only real monkey in the group), and is perhaps best-known for being voiced by Brian Henson, son of the great Jim Henson. The rambunctious primate is probably be favorite of all the Muppets, and it would do my heart good to see him finally in my collection in some form.

2. Veterinarian’s Hospital Doctor Rowlf, Nurse Piggy, and Nurse Janice: Although there were two major, recurring spoof segments on “The Muppet Show”, Pigs in Space gets all the merchandising and love. That’s really too bad, because I kind of loathe Pigs in Space. On the other hand, Veterinarian’s Hospital was among my favorite parts of each episode and I always found it downright hilarious. Doctor and Nurse variants would be a great way to get Rowlf, Janice, and Miss Piggy into another series without doing straight re-dos, and would earn the highest spot in my Wish List if there wasn’t an even more important character who hasn’t been immortalized yet as a Vinylmation…

1. Robin the Frog: Kermit’s nephew and an absolutely unforgettable, crucial part of the original Muppets cast, I am flabbergasted Robin was left out of Vinylmation Muppets 1 and 2 completely. Whether singing “Over the Rainbow” or portraying “Timmy Tim” in A Muppet Christmas Carol, Robin is quite possibly the most adorable of all Muppets, and a must-have necessity in the Muppets Vinylmation collection. He earns the top spot on my list as the #1 most important Muppet that needs to be captured in the Vinylmation form.

This is my Top 10 Most Wanted Characters for Vinylmation Muppets Series 3–What’s yours?

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