Vinylmation Park Starz 2: What will the Series 2 Variants Be?

When Disney introduced the Vinylmation Park Starz Series #1, they also introduced a new tradition: limited-edition Park Starz variants releases! With the recent release of Park Starz 2 came the announcement of three Park Starz Series #2 individually-released variant figures and one two-pack of variants. There are a ton of great headliner characters in Disney Vinylmation Park Starz Series 2, but at first there didn’t seem to be any really obvious variants that sprang to my mind. After much research and consideration, I came up with a list of my hypotheses as to the most likely figures to appear as Vinylmation Park Starz variants…

Disney Orange Bird in Black and White Vintage Colors

Black-And-White Orange Bird: As one of the absolute most classic Disney Parks characters ever, what better way to celebrate the Orange Bird than with a vintage Black-And-White Orange Bird? The Orange Bird is arguably the top character in Park Starz 2, and a greyscale Orange Bird is really the only variant of the character that would make any sense at all.

Hitchhiking Ghost Gus Vinylmation Glow in the Dark VariantGlow-in-the-Dark Hitchhiking Ghost Gus and Transparent Hitchhiking Ghost Gus: I’ve heard some speculation that the Vinylmation Park Starz 2 variant two-pack could be the other two Hitchhiking Ghosts. I don’t buy that at all. The mold created for the one Hitchhiking Ghost, Gus, just isn’t appropriate to use for the two remaining Hitchhiking Ghosts (Ezra and Phineas). Unless Disney is going to do some significant changes to the Gus mold, making the other two Hitchhiking Ghosts from him would just end up being a disappointment.

Vinylmation Hitchhiking Ghost Gus Transparent FigureI do, however, think we’ll get a pair of Gus variants–both clear and glow-in-the-dark Hitchhiking Ghost Gus figures, just as in the Vinylmation Haunted Mansion series. If we only get one it’ll be the transparent version, but I think a Glow-in-the-Dark Gus would be loads of fun too. I also believe it’s possible that the Transparent Gus could be an individual release, with the two-pack being Glow-in-the-Dark variants of Gus and the Park Starz 1 Bride figure. It’s a long shot, but it’s one of the few two-pack possibilities that makes sense to me.

EPCOT Tapestry of Nations Disc Man PuppetTapestry of Nations Disc Man Puppet (Blue/Green): Though the purple and orange striped Disc Man puppet from the extinct EPCOT Tapestry of Nations parade seems to be Disney’s favorite to merchandise, it certainly isn’t the only color scheme for the Disc Man puppet. I could easily see an alternate-colored Park Starz 2 Disc Man variant with blue and green stripes. Whether or not people would want to spend $25 on it is up in the air, but it certainly seems like one of the most logical and easy Park Starz Series 2 variants Disney could concoct.

Wally Boag in Black and White Classic Disneyland ResortBlack-And-White Wally Boag: This is probably the most unlikely thing on my list, but for some reason I have a strong inkling we may see the Wally Boag “chaser” figure get a black-and-white repaint as a variant–perhaps the LE 1000 Park Starz Series 2 variant? There’s no denying that Wally Boag is an old-time character, and most photos of Wally Boag are in classic black-and-white. It would make complete sense for there to be a monochromatic Wally Boag variant figure. I suspect this would be another sales disaster like the Bronze Abe Lincoln Park Starz 1 variant, but I still think this is a definite possibility.

What do you think, Vinylmation fans? Could these be the Vinylmation Park Starz Series #2 variants, or am I overlooking some fantastic possibilities?


Vinylmation Park Starz 2: What will the Series 2 Variants Be? — 2 Comments

  1. 1. Living Tower of terror bellhop
    2. Clear ghost gus (think bride variant)
    3.Tapestry of nations
    4. Small world girl and PINK/PURPLE hippo (think DLR)

  2. I’d love to see a ghostly Bellhop! Also, since the Star Tours 2 queue has alternate colored Rex droids, I wouldn’t mind seeing a red variant.

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